The short & sweet summary.

Floating Point Group is on a mission to bring institutional-grade services to the digital currency markets. By abstracting away the complexity of interfacing with hundreds of different trading venues (each with their own idiosyncratic APIs) while simultaneously pooling liquidity from across these venues, FPG's services enable hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors to participate in these nascent markets with unprecedented confidence and efficiency. With digital currency trading volume routinely breaching $100 billion in 24hr trading volume, the need for robust trading infrastructure is more salient than ever.

We’re looking for seasoned engineers skilled with building distributed systems, integrating off-the-shelf libraries, and ensuring code quality standards are met. You will be instrumental in taking high level design documents and implementing them into a codebase; while ensuring that development follows best-practices.

What you’ll be doing.

  • Drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our customers.

    Some upcoming projects:

    • A system to handle order submission and tracking on exchange venues. This involves having a persistent job that is capable of sending orders to venues based on signals in the market/parameters of the algorithm. This also involves ensuring that we have a local replica of the information provided on exchange venues (balances, order history, pricings, etc.)
    • Aa system to normalize data across multiple venues, in-take this data, ensure its consistency, and ultimately store it into a data Warehouse. One of our engineers, Jared, has written an incredible piece explaining the high level mechanics of this.
    • Adaptive algorithms and advanced trade execution - this involves analyzing market data to perform analysis on executions, and ultimately understanding how to improve the efficiency of the underlying algorithms and improve execution.
  • Work with the talented, ambitious, and creative members of our engineering team.

    You'll be collaborating with our highly-motivated (and insatiably curious) engineers who bring with them rigorous and diverse industry experience, while also enjoying full access to our advisors, whose prolific careers at some of the world’s premier tech organizations have cemented them as invaluable resources to FPG.

  • Learn and grow at a breakneck pace as our company rapidly scales.

    As an early team member, you will have an incredible degree of autonomy, it's something we intentionally build into our workflow. We expect that you not only take ownership of your work but that you have an appetite for doing so. As our product and team continue to grow, your responsibilities will inevitably follow suit - the organization is expected to double in size in the next three months.

Who you are.

  • You’ve designed and implemented complex distributed systems.

    You have extensive experience with microservice architectures. You excel at assessing the strengths and limitations of various implementations. You have a keen intuition for seeing how a product requirement might necessitate a particular technology, an conversely, how a technology in our stack might constrain the functionality of our product.

  • You’ve worked on a high-velocity product team.

    You understand how to build systems that enable fast product iteration. You’re comfortable weighing trade-offs between functionality, quality, and technical debt. (You may have been an early engineer/technical cofounder at an early-stage company.)

  • You can recognize and advocate for technical excellence.

    You strive to be a world-class engineer. You understand the discipline and craft of software development, you invest in learning and tooling, and you insist on technical excellence from yourself and your teammates.

More about Floating Point Group.

Our Team: We are technologists and we are builders. We spent years of ours lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. We've designed, built, and deployed distributed data capturing systems at Jet, natural language processing models at MIT, and data pipelines for cancer cell analysis. Many of us have founded businesses previously. We founded FPG with a single goal: to improve the digital asset financial ecosystem. But, more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. We are the FPG family, and we would love to meet you.

Our investors + advisors: We’ve raised funding from well-known financial groups, venture capitalists, and an incredible group of veteran angels including AngelList's Naval Ravikant as well as publicly traded company founders.

Let us know if you have experience with any of the following!

  • Designing, building, and deploying distributed systems / microservices with a focus on asynchronous applications, multithreading, distributed message queues, and data consistency.
  • Cloud (AWS) infrastructure
  • Containerization + container orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, etc.)
  • Type systems (either strongly typed languages or static type checking)
  • Familiarity with API conventions / design patterns / anti-patterns / common pitfalls
  • Shipping awesome products, bringing something from inception to actually delivering to customer hands.