The short & sweet summary.

FPG is an MIT-born startup accelerating the growth of the cryptocurrency economy to redefine finance. Our trading operations platform offers seamless access to the cryptocurrency markets for institutional traders by making it orders of magnitude easier and safer to manage their trading operations. With the cryptocurrency markets surpassing a market cap of $1 trillion and the recent entrants of institutional heavyweights BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, and others, the need for a safe and scalable cryptocurrency trading technology stack is more salient than ever.

We're looking for a superbly driven person who has earned a reputation for internalizing projects and driving relentlessly toward ambitious goals. You will play a key role in establishing and scaling our operations, from our physical presence in various parts of the world to tripling our team and all the unexpected complexities in-between.

What you’ll be doing.

  • Establish a global presence.

    The cryptocurrency markets operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's vital to our customers' experience to be able to reach us any hour of the day for support. You'll collaborate with FPG's founders and other team members to establish our international offices in Europe and the APAC region.

  • Grow a world-class team.

    With the recent explosive growth of both FPG's customer base and the broader industry as a whole, we need to rapidly scale our headcount in most areas of the business in order to meet the demands of the market. You'll work across our team to triple our engineering team and begin to fill out many new departments on the business side.

  • Drive efficiency through the organization.

    Find inefficiency wherever it exists and purge it from our ranks. Develop new processes, implement better tooling, and consult FPG's other team members on how to go further, faster.

Who you are.

  • You’ve managed complex projects in high pressure environments.

    You've defined yourself by taking complex projects, translating them into simpler components, and systematically driving towards completion with a relentless energy that inspires other members of your team. You live, breathe, and eat by the concept of "divide & conquer" and it's a process you're comfortable facilitating.

  • You’ve worked on a high-velocity team.

    You've been part of a championship team. You know how to go fast, what's required for excellence, and you'll accept nothing less.

  • You can adapt to a rapidly changing work environment.

    You're comfortable with change and you thrive in the environment it creates. New obstacles are simply another challenge that you're excited to face.

More about Floating Point Group.

Our Team: We are technologists and we are builders and we'll stop at nothing less than changing the world. We spent years of ours lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. We've designed, built, and deployed natural language processing models at MIT, self-driving car technologies, and data pipelines for cancer cell analysis. Many of us have founded businesses previously. We founded FPG with a single goal: to redefine finance with the revolutionary technology enabling cryptocurrencies. But, more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. We are the FPG family, and we would love to meet you.

Our stage: FPG's first product is in the market and experiencing tremendous growth. Our most important KPIs are moving healthily in the direction "up and to the right" and we've experienced more than 1000% revenue growth in the last 6 months.

Our investors + advisors: FPG is backed by Tribe Capital, Naval Ravikant, BoxOne Ventures, and a group of successful tech entrepreneurs and asset management executives.

Let us know if any of the following applies to you!

  • You have previously founded or been an early team member at high-growth a startup.
  • You have experience with basic business intelligence tooling / SQL
  • You have experience setting up legal entities in the US and in other jurisdictions
  • You have previously ran a hiring process
  • You have previous experience in accounting / business finances